LESS IS MORE No pain, All gain?
With LIM, transformation to the digital era is easier than you think!
The JURU The Smart PI Master
What We Do
At LIM, we both use and make
We use existing proven information technologies to transform insurance companies from its current dinosaur era to the world of modern technology.
Yet, LIM’s ambition does not rest here. Our team also creates and develops our own innovative IT products aiming at reducing operational costs and enhancing customer satisfaction and overall business efficacy of an insurance company.
Who Are We
LIM is an innovation and technology one-stop shop for the insurance industry.
Behind LIM is a powerful team of experts from crossed disciplines (legal, insurance, technology).
We have not only exceptional capabilities, but also unbeatable passion and belief in using modern technology to improve quality of life; making the world better and smarter for everyone.
Why Choose Us
We know what you need
Regardless of your size, LIM will bring quality products and services with best value for money.
Small to medium size insurers
Worried about the cost? We offer affordable rates because we have vast experience on building up specialized IT solutions for other insurers of your size! Transformation is easier than you expect with the right expert!
Sizeable insurers
Still not happy even after years of development? LIM possesses knowledge and experience in both Insurance and technology. Hence, we know exactly what an insurer needs and how and what technology serves it best.
When To Act

The insurance industry is undergoing a revolution.
Modern technology is already disrupting the traditional market in diverse ways, making substantial impact on business costs and revenue. Today's customers are more discerning and informed, seeking to pay less and get more.
Join us now as pioneers in this transformation and get an edge over your competitors.
Where To Reach Us
Call or email NOW to learn how we can help you to transform and excel in this evolution of the insurance industry.
Unit 908-915 Core F, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Pokfulam, Hong kong